Network Solutions

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These are premium internet connections for your customers, also known as Private Circuits or Data Lines. When your customers opt for Leased Lines they are looking for symmetrical communications between two or more points, and these are the perfect solution.

The main difference between Leased Lines and other data services, are that the lines are reserved solely for the use of that customer. A private dedicated circuit used exclusively by them to connect multiple points. Hence, the problems around congestion and contention are eliminated. Leased Lines can connect two buildings next door to each other or multiple points around the world.

Newtel Jersey Leased Lines have many advantages and are a smart investment for carriers and their customers, because of the impressive speeds that they can provide, and the fact that they can also be used for voice and data. Here are some of the major points which make this option attractive for you and your customers.


  • Carriers and customers do not have to be tied down to regular broadband speeds.
  • You have the option to have a burstible service allowing them to vary their bandwidth according to their business needs.
  • It is perfect for your customers and companies that constantly require network transfer of large files, because it can handle heavier bandwidth demand without sacrificing speed.

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The communication landscape is evolving and changing constantly, with your customers and companies seeking to gain a competitive advantage through strategic acquisitions, or by adding sites closer to customers and suppliers. These changes mean that many companies now operate from several different geographical sites, between which large volumes of time-sensitive, mission critical data needs to be transferred. Businesses and customers are also converging to IP services, such as IP telephony, and cloud based solutions that require dedicated bandwidth.

These advanced services increase bandwidth requirements and require advanced IP networks to function effectively. To fully achieve the benefits of these technologies, businesses must also extend networks beyond their headquarters to branch offices, remote workers and clients.

Newtel Jersey's MPLS | IP VPN is the premium choice for carriers and their customers. It offers an innovative, secure, reliable and cost effective way to connect their offices, remote workers and partners. It is a fully managed IP private network that provides your customers and their business with a secure platform to share applications, information between sites and shared access the public internet. Our Quality Of Service allows you to prioritise any sensitive, or mission critical applications according to your customers requirements.

Multiple access solutions including:

  • Ethernet, E1, xDSL,GE
  • Fibre, Copper Ethernet


  • Point-to-point, Star, Full mesh


  • QoS/CoS Capabilities
  • Five Classes of Service (CoS) offered to enable prioritisation of traffic for maximum performance
  • Guaranteed bandwidth site-to-site up to 1 Gbps

High availability:

  • Our MPLS VPN can be offered as a fully managed or unmanaged service